November 3, 2023

ideopsis at the 11th Energy Symposium Cyprus

11th Energy Symposium Cyprus

ideopsis at the 11th Energy Symposium Cyprus

The 11th in a raw Energy Symposium entitled “Cyprus: Project Time for Energy”, organised by the Energy Institute of South East Europe (IENE) and the Communication, Publicity, Publications, Advertising and Conferences company FMW Financial Media Way and was held in Nicosia 31/10/2023. More than 25 energy sector experts participated as speakers and more than 250 interested participants attended.

The presentation of the Director of ideopsis Ltd, Mrs Anthi Charalambous, was focused on the Role of Energy Communities in Energy Transition. Energy communities play a significant role in the energy transition, which is the shift from fossil fuels and centralized energy systems to cleaner, more decentralized, and sustainable energy sources. These communities are typically composed of local residents, businesses, or organizations that work together to produce, consume, and manage energy in a more sustainable and community-driven manner.

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The 11th Cyprus Energy Symposium took place on 31 October 2023 in Nicosia. This year's symposium, themed "Time for Action on Energy", was jointly organized by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) and FMW Financial Media Way.
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