About Us

ideopsis Ltd is a consulting company established in 2022. ideopsis provides specialized consulting services in the fields of low carbon economy, energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficiency, circular economy, and many other related fields.

ideopsis Ltd aims to build a relationship of trust with its clients and collaborators, to provide excellent quality services – with the best cost-benefit ratio – in the wider topics of energy and environment. ideopsis’s vision is to become the specialist consultant for companies, organizations and public & local authorities on key energy and environmental issues, and to assist to the transition to low carbon and circular economy.

The mission of ideopsis Ltd, is to support its collaborators, to achieve business, environmental and decarbonisation goals, providing innovative, best-in-class consulting services and solutions, as well as to assist with the use of relevant information technologies.

ideopsis Ltd operates by implementing policies and practices that addressing environmental and social issues: environmental management, eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement, labour standards and working conditions, fair remuneration, employee and community relations, social equality, gender balance and human rights.


The idea behind the ideopsis logo: ideopsis is a genus of nymphalid butterflies. The butterfly symbolizes the loops of the circular economy, all of our efforts to reduce waste of resources and protect the environment. Also, the loops from the butterfly wings, symbolize the energy which can neither be created nor destroyed. Moreover, the “idea” + “opsis” in Greek language refer to the creation of new ideas, important to lead us to a sustainable future.

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